Our Lady's Saturday Jan 16, 2021

Imagine you have you found yourself in a severe health predicament. Do you want to rehash co, with multiple doctors or, bring your deepest concerns to someone, you know will understand. Someone who feels our experience because they have had endured similar? The author of Hebrews reminds Christians of the deep nearness, with which our High Priest attends to us. Jesus, takes no advantage of his divinity, but rather, lives completely, the entire human experience, without sin. Can you sense an authority and depth of love this shows? We can take comfort at this depth of closeness. We can place our total confidence in the hands of the Almighty Sovereign God, who humbly and visibly, comes to be with us. A high priest who passes through the heavens with Mary his mother, by his side from very near the beginning.

Jesus passes alongside the shores of Galilee and comes to a toll both. Mark and Luke identify the attendant as Levi, and, the third account calls the tax collector Mathew. No contradiction! Just two names for the same individual, like many people have. But, Jesus never seems to select the obvious for membership his closest group of Twelve.

Perhaps a few of the Pharisees were miffed at being overlooked. None-the-less, Jesus goes right into a clinic, where sinners are lined up long and deep. Pope Francis refers to today’s Church saying, “The thing the church needs most today is the ability to heal wounds and to warm the hearts of the faithful; it needs nearness, proximity. I see the church as a field hospital after battle.”

Friends, we gather today in this clinic, to encounter the Divine Physician. Our high priest is the surgeon who tenderly brings believers and followers, to restored health. St Peter’s is blessed to have priests and faithful, who like nurses enable and coordinate a clinic, that prepares us for the eternal Eucharist.

Through this Holy meal our Lord strengthens his team and hopes to recruit many more spiritual health care aids.


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